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Saturdays are the loveliest days...
Nothing like a Saturday to get caught up on life a little. I never thought I'd get excited about getting 8 loads of laundry done and the bathrooms tidied up, but alas...it's happened. I could almost skip for joy that I will not have to hunt for my favorite black shirt this week or wear the "last resort" undies. :) Jerod was a busy bee (a really tall bee, mind you) getting ready for his first week of school at Woodlawn. He even did a science experiment in the kitchen...and waved a cup of purple food coloring over my ironing board as I was ironing!
That's about as exciting as we got today. A little hike at our local greenway, and some homemade peach ice cream at The Peach Stand completed a lovely Saturday. I'm going to go finish recharging my soul battery by reading the last of the Chronicles of Narnia. I should also say that we've gotten a little addicted to watching the world poker championships on the travel channel...nice to watch other people be reckless with their money...comforting in way.


Summer Update #1

Greetings Friends and Family!
I thought it about time to get into the 21st century and do some blogging. (BLOG=short for web log--like an online diary for the technology impaired)
Perhaps it will be a fine way for everyone to keep up with the Joneses (thus the orginal name!). Check back occassionally to get the latest!

Still working in the youth department at church. I just finished our summer camps here at the church. We had two jam-packed weeks of camp, and the campers and counselors really seemed to have a ton of fun and have an awesome spiritual retreat.
I had a minor trip to the EMERGENCY ROOM on the first evening of camp. Embarrassingly enough, I was cutting some wire for skewers for our evening hot dog/smore roast when the wire had the audacity to jump up and hit me in the EYEBALL! Yes, the actual eyeball. I won't go into details, as I've found that such descriptions make many people go a bit weak in the knees! Let's just say there was blood... Part of the adventure came in finding the hospital, being that our camp is 30 miles from the small town of Nowhere, South Carolina. All is well, though--a minor corneal laceration...and I'm all better now.
I'm glad that our busy season has come to a close, and we'll drifting aimlessly into the Fall. Aimlessly because our youth pastor and his wife will be leaving at the end of this month to start a church near uptown Charlotte...more on that in the future.
I'm getting ready to finish unpacking boxes from my move to Rock Hill in December (gasp!)...it's been a crazy busy year! Also looking forward to PAINTING my bathroom a lovely shade of off-white. Yes, friends, off-white...very risky, isn't it?

Update on Jerod:
He's still tall. :) And walking taller after back surgery in June...thank God, pain is all gone, and he's just doing some extra healing these days. I still won't let him do much...much to his constant dismay. The really good news is that he starts a new job in a few short weeks at a new school in Davidson, NC (quite the commute, but worth it, we hope!). Check it out at www.woodlawnschool.org. He'll be teaching third, fourth, and fifth grade math and some science too.

Well, that's enough for now. I hope to post some photos of our European vacation soon (yes, the one we took in April...didn't I tell you it had been a busy year???).
See you on the blog!