His mercies are new every morning

Sorry for the oh-so-glum post. I just needed an outlet, apparently. I'm trying to re-focus my energy and affections on God and get some perspective. It mostly has to do with feeling like I now I have two full-time jobs: the one that pays and being a mommy. I actually like both of them. But I don't like feeling so wrecked and exhausted all the time. And we've been battling sicknesses...and it's just been plain crazy. Thankfully, things slowed down after the holidays. I need to find some peace and a new rhythm in life. One step at a time. I just need to look at God and not at the problems. He's got the problems under control. And now...to bed I go!


Writer's block

Whenever I try to blog these days, I end up crying and erase what I've written. My head tells me there's no hope in sight. My heart and faith tell me that God is capable of miracles. My tears tell me that I need a miracle. That's all I'll say for now. I also need some sleep, so perhaps if that can happen in the next few days my perspective can change some. Ironically, Jars of Clay is singing "I need Thee every hour" on my iTunes right now. You have to smile at that, huh?