Stella, 11, escapes a close call

Stella Sentra Jones, 11, had a brush with the junkyard cemetary over the weekend. The 1994 Nissan began making odd chugging sounds and being very jumpy on Thursday night of last week. She spent the weekend at a local auto repair center trapped in a fence. The diagnosis had not been given, and there were doubts as to whether she would last through the weekend.
Her parents were distraught. What to do? Would she make it out alive to see another bend in the road? Or was this just a cry for help?
"I just don't know what to do," Mrs. Jones said, "She's been such a part of my life. I just don't know if I'm ready to say goodbye."
In the end, her parents sought professional help. Test driving several cars enticed them to dream about that new car smell, the rev of a new engine, and the hope of leg room for Mr. Jones. The numbers, however, were disheartening. The bills would mount, and tarnish the hopes of the newer vehicle.
"That's the real test," said Mr. Jones, a hearty 6'11", "if my knees will fit. They don't fit in Stella, but she's a part of the family. It's a real dilemma."
After much thought, many calls, and no small amount of engine prayers, the call came.
Stella Sentra Jones was diagnosed with a minor spark plug problem to the tune of $92. She is now sitting in her driveway, pleased to be given a new lease on life. The Joneses are happy to have her back and to avoid the high cost of replacing a legend like Stella.
Drive, Stella, Drive. You can do 200,000...we believe.


It's February, and I've not updated you...

...on my ever-exciting life! Well, not really. I probably haven't written because there's not a lot of news. I never capitalized on that "musings on a new year" endeavor, so maybe you'll get a "musings on February" soon. I know, you're peeing yourself with glee, aren't you?

I'm happy for a life without great drama. Our evenings are quiet...some TV, some writing, some reading, and (for Jerod) going to bed early. I am making an effort to watch less TV in the new year and concentrating on writing notes (for SNAIL MAIL!) to people, reading 1 Kings (how interesting is that book?), and petting the Tinkerbell dog.

We are loving our church, RENOVATUS, and doing some odds-n-ends there...some ushering and power point running and occasional greeting. I'm trying to keep this year quiet and focus on spiritual and personal growth and health. I have a strong tendency to jump in and do everything, so I'm trying to help out in small ways while Jerod and I put down some roots of our own as a "family." We've recruited our friend Elizabeth to come out, and she's loving it too. It's cool to see how God can take away something that you think is so precious to you (Central Church) and still replace it with something you needed more than you knew (Renovatus). I actually feel myself getting refreshed spiritually, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the work load and getting constantly frustrated as I did before. AHHHHHHHH! (take a deep breath with me...it's good for the soul.)

And if you're ever interested in reading 1 Kings, let me know, and we'll have our own cyber-book-club. It would make a great movie! Lots of war, intrigue, idol worship, overthrows, and craziness...and God continued to find ways to redeem His people and His chosen leaders. What manner of patience and faithfulness does He have, anyway?? More than I do, for sure.

So, that's all for today. Back to my lovely, boring life.
Hope you all have a fabulous day.