One more thing that drives me crazy...

Of course, once you make a list of 21 things that drive you crazy (see post from earlier in March), more and more things pop in your head. I had an older fellow in one of my classes this week ask me if anything ever made me angry, as I always seemed calm to him (Jerod might disagree!).

But then, it happened again yesterday. One of the few things that really does send me over the edge for some reason...

I'm sitting at a RED light, waiting to take a right. There is oncoming traffic. I wait until the coast is clear. The traffic seems to stop, but I'm waiting a second to make sure that the opposite lane won't be turning left into my lanes before I proceed. Because, dang it! I have the right to make sure I will not be creamed when I decide to turn my 2-ton vehicle into traffic!!!!!!!!!!! So DO NOT HONK AT ME BECAUSE I DON'T TAKE A RIGHT ON RED WHEN YOU THINK I SHOULD!!!!! Do not, do not, do not. If you are sitting behind me, and honk at me...I really will just sit there then until the light turns good and green. Because I'm the driver, and it's my life and my car that I'm still paying off...

I made sure to tell Fred that this action makes me sincerely angry. He smiled and thanked me for being human. Funny. He should see me when I spill something or I'm running late for something...Let's just say I'm still working on these things...Like yesterday...I shook the blue cheese dressing to get the last few drops out...and the lid wasn't completely screwed on...BLUE CHEESE EXPLOSION ON THE FLOOR, COUNTER, ETC. Sigh. These are petty things, to be sure...but don't they seem to take a lifetime to overcome?


LOSTIES...we have a hiatus...

To get us by for the next few weeks without LOST, here's a link to my favorite LOST blogger. Just good, solid, and funny recaps with some thoughts about implications...no crazy theories that make your head spin (remember, when your head spins, just walk away at a heading of 325 degrees...you will find rescue!).

I check out her re-caps every week, as it helps me sort out what exactly happened. Don't forget to scroll over the photos, as she (Erica, the blogger) always codes a funny caption.

And for a detailed encyclopedic and indexed site about various characters, themes, theories, and spoilers...

Just doing what I can to fuel your addictions!


Thoughts while shopping...

A leisurely Saturday afternoon at the mall and shoe store provided me with endless mental entertainment...I am having a conversation with you in my head if you are out and about while I am.

(disclaimer...I do not have a 2-year-old child, so it's easy for me to make assessments about what I would do. I realize that I am "judging" with little knowledge of the challenges of reining in the equivalent of a hurricane-force of energy.)

In Rack Room Shoes, Rock Hill:

Mom: "Caden, sit down."
Caden: "Sttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacy!"
Stacy: "Caden, stay right beside me."
Caden: full-force running around the chairs in the opposite direction of Aunt Stacy.
Caden proceeds to bounce back and forth between mommy and auntie for a full ten minutes. They were looking in separate aisles. I am in the clearance section trying to determine if it's unwise to purchase wedge shoes that do not bend on the bottom. "Will these hurt my feet if they don't bend?" I think.
"Mooooommmmy, NO!" thoughts interrupted by Caden.
"Aunt Staaaaaccccccyyyyyyyy!" Caden yells, full voice.
"Let's use our inside voice, Caden." I think. "I should leave the unbendy shoes here. Sounds good now...but my flat feet will suffer later..."
I notice that now neither Aunt Stacy nor Mommy has an eye on the two year old. But his four year old sister is trying to take over the duty. That's not working out well.
"Caden, SIT IN THAT CHAIR!" says Mommy.
"Stacy!!!!!!!!!!" Caden cries, trying to play one off the other. This ploy must have worked for him in the past.
Five more minutes of back-and-forth...pleas to sit still, or stay beside me, or not to touch, etc. I am pondering a really sweet pair of beige wedges that DO bend on the bottom, determining whether I should pay so much for sandals...
Caden is coming toward me pushing a chair in front of him down the aisle at a high velocity. There isn't a Mommy or Auntie in sight. Oooh. Busted. He is found out!! Just before he runs over my foot.
"Maybe two-year-old boys cannot 'behave' in shoe stores when it's 75 degrees and sunny out. Maybe he should be in a field running out all that energy," I think. "Can I justify bronze sandals that are the sexiest things I've ever seen and look like they were made for my feet? How many brown-ish sandals are too many brown-ish sandals? What can brown do for me?"
Caden is still pitting Mommy against Stacy...big, big sister is getting their opinions on a fetching pair of white sandals. She obviously can keep pace with the shopping sisters. Middle sister and Caden are dangerously close to a large pile of Croc knock-offs on an end-cap.
"I bet those look like those cardboard bricks to him..." I think, still pondering my sexy brown wedges that kind-of bend on the bottom.
They DO look like something to be knocked over, as he and middle sister successfully topple the entire stack of probably 25 boxes of croc wannabes.
It takes Mommy a minute to figure out what the collosal crash is.
"CADEN. SIT DOWN RIGHT NOW!" She nearly yells.
"Why should he?" I think, "You haven't enforced the sitting or the staying close for at least the last fifteen minutes that I've been here. You have merely asked, and when he doesn't respond, you let him go to Aunt Stacy. He's smart, lady, this is working in his favor." I think piously. "And I don't need brown sandals today, sexy or not...maybe they'll go on sale in a few weeks."
Mommy proceeds to command Caden and middle sister to the chairs that they were only recently pushing around the store like shopping carts. She then squats down to set up all the boxes again and restore them to their former end-stack glory.
"What a deal for those kids...they smash over the boxes, which HAD to be fun...and Mommy cleans up the mess. Why aren't the kids cleaning up the mess with her?" I wonder.
Middle sister is quick to make sure Mommy knows it's ALL Caden's fault. Caden might finally be realizing that he should do something that Mommy says to do...
Nope. By the time I decide that all the Rack Room sandals can stay at Rack Room today, he is running down another aisle, unsupervised, with Mommy yelling after him..."CADEN! Come back here."
I am tired for her. Shoe shopping is hard enough without unruly 2-year-olds. But I also wonder if she isn't making life hard on herself. I guess maybe one day I'll find out if my pious musings about two-year-olds will come back to bite me on my sore toe that I earned from wearing wedges that don't bend.

Then there's the one about the two teen-age sisters who fight in the dressing room next to me... The short version is this:
"You're a brat."
"You better listen to me. I'm in charge."
"No you're not. Linda is..."
"Well, Linda isn't in here. I am."
"You're ugly."
"I am not. I'm prettier than you."
Now, girls, you're both being ugly...
"At least I have a boyfriend and I'm allowed to have a boyfriend."
"You look stupid in that shirt."
"You look stupid in everything. I'm going back out."
"Go find Linda."
"You can't tell me what to do."
Man, this is a cute shirt...I bet it doesn't need ironing. I totally need this...
"Can to."
"Can not. I'm going to find Linda."
"'Cause I told you to."
They walk out fighting. I'm hoping they look back on these days fondly and don't say anything to each other that causes permanent damage. I think boys break each other's noses, and girls fight in dressing rooms (I fought with my mom, who of course had NO TASTE when I was 14 - 17 years old). They will end up sharing everything they bought yesterday...

Shopping is fun!


Denver Dance Died

I've just returned from Denver, and should already be in bed, getting my body clock adjusted. We went to cheer on our Eagles in the first-round NCAA Tournament. And cheer we did...but when the bottom fell out in the second half, we mostly sat. Stunned. I am not a player on the team, so I won't surmise what factors might have prompted the smack-down. It wasn't just the losing, it was the extreme loss that was painful.

Denver, however, has many charms to offer. A quick drive westward produces mining towns, snow-capped mountains, and winding roads. An unexpected joy too, was a visit with my cousin, who has lived far away since we were young teenagers...so our visits have been far and few between. We keep up mostly by email these days, but how great to hang with your cuz in her 'hood. (hee hee)

I am adding something to my as yet non-existent life "to do" list...see a great concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre (I'll post pics soon)...I was hoping we might win our game and get to stay around for Easter Sunrise service there. It is God's little gift to Denver, and they have made the most of it. I sang a few bars of "Climb Every Mountain" on the stage to test the acoustics and just to say I had. My jello legs held me up despite the bazillion stairs we had just scaled. There are a few places in the world that seem to be natural sanctuaries meant for worship. Red Rocks is one of those. Driving on a squiggly road at 10,000 feet is also pretty cool.

So, we returned defeated, deflated, but Denver-ated. It was a good trip, all in all. I am thankful for the opportunity and a for few days out of the rat race. And now, I'm thankful for my flat pillow, my doggie foot-warmer, and the kind of quiet that only your own home can provide for restful sleep.

Good night.


Whatsoever things are lovely...

That is part of a great scripture I had to memorize when I was a Missionette. (don't know about missionettes? it's like girl scouts for the Assemblies of God denomination...we earned badges and everything! good times)

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8

So, a wee bit chastised by said verse, I feel compelled to balance out the thingsthatdrivemecrazy list with a wee list of things I find delightful. Surely not such a hard thing to do! (and it occurs to me I could very nearly just write the opposite of the other list's points...but I shan't...I shall try to be more original...and these are not ordered, merely writing them as I think of them...don't think me a heretic if my number one is not about Jesus)

1. Not having to set an alarm clock
2. Coffee with hot chocolate in it on Saturday morning in pj's
3. Knowing that my husband loves me...even though I know I am so fault-full
4. The merest thought of the magnitude of God's love and grace
5. Being nice to strangers
6. When patience wins over impatience
7. green plants in my house
8. Finishing a project
9. Tulips of any color
10. Taking a moment to take a picture of something just because I find it lovely or interesting
11. family time at Christmas
12. the sound of crickets and smell of freshly cut grass in early Summer
13. hearing Sarah DeShields talk--not only does she have an awesome Scottish accent, she seems to emanate an ethereal grace
14. a lowercase letter "j"
15. warm sun on my face
16. warm chocolate chip cookies and a mug o' milk
17. getting frosted mini wheats with lots of sugar on the one side
18. finding unexpected money in coat pockets or purses
19. when Jerod answers the phone with his lovey, silly voice just for me
20. France/Mont St. Michel/Paris/Ste. Chapelle/Chenonceau--I could live in France
21. Discovering that the "youth" I've worked with are all grown-up with amazing thoughts, ambitious endeavors, and lives that follow Christ--it's beautiful to see that work in progress
22. Painted toenails and sandals when the chill leaves
23. Birkenstocks, Birkenstocks, Birkenstocks
24. Tax refunds
25. a clean house at the beginning of the weekend
26. Almost anything that is ORANGE, except oompa loompas (I might add oompa loompas to the previous post!)

Wow. I could really go on and on!!! Thank you, Lord, for lovely things. They all must be a reflection of You somehow.


I'm trying so hard, but...

...sometimes I just want to let the ugly part of my brain out of its cage. I'm moving toward a place of greater patience and fewer judgements...so I'm hoping this tiny vent will serve to blow off some steam, and will help me keep moving forward. And some of these are things I do, so I'm being all-access here.

Things that drive me crazy:
1. When people don't use blinkers
2. When people make NO ATTEMPT to recycle, even when they own a recycling bin, or their office recycles.
3. Being late (even when it's me)
4. People who don't RSVP when invited to an event that asks for an RSVP...it's not rocket science!
5. Really dirty public restrooms
6. Forgetting to tape episodes of "LOST"...it's not the same watching it online
7. When people use the Bible to support a hate agenda (notice I'm not hating them, as that would be the same thing they're doing...but they are allowed to drive me crazy)
8. Finding a coupon in my purse a day after buying the item full price
9. Melted chocolate
10. When people pick up their cell phone to tell you they don't have time to talk...let it go to voicemail!!! Call me back when you DO have time!!!
11. (you didn't think I could stop at 10, did you?) Scuffing my awesome new shoes the very first time I wear them
12. The smell of paperwhites (it's a flower that smells like kerosene)
13. Any "news" of Britney Spears right now...let's get out of her weave, I mean hair
14. Quick edits or commercials that surprise you with something really disgusting, like someone reaching his/her hand into a bloody orifice or eating a giant bug, etc. Give me some warning!!
15. Itchy tags in clothing
16. Ugly power point presentations and most templates for power point
17. ...The fact that most convenience snack foods I like seem to be carbohydrate-laden
18. Being sneezed or coughed upon
19. When people say "The number 'B' (with any letter)" or "6 a.m. in the morning"
20. Poor grammar on television, especially news and pop music (see post from a few months back)
22. When people number things and skip a number

That should about do it. I will post something lovely after this to balance the hateration.


Oh, I wanna dance with somebody!

There are those days that are just right. Today was one of those days. We've been avid fans of the Winthrop Eagles since our days as students on campus...but especially in the past few years as I've gone back to work there and we're in the thick of it. The Men's Basketball Team has been playing hard this year, but has had some trouble against one particular team...UNC-Asheville. Asheville has a great team, complete with the tallest player in college basketball at 7'7" and some outstanding shooters. We lost to them twice in the regular season and tied them for first place in the conference. When I say "lost," you should read "got creamed." So, when the two teams met again today for the conference championship, we were slightly hopeful, but mostly just that we would not get our hineys handed to us on a platter. The Eagles came out in fine form...the basketball seemed to magically find the net over and over, while the Bulldogs couldn't get their shoot on at all. It was all too wonderful to watch. We stood and cheered ourselves hoarse at the screen, jumping up and down...high-fiving...dancing around. It was fantastic. Yes, it's a little orange ball and a net, but a triumph for a team who lost a teammate this year and their coach. I love the Eagles, win or lose, they have lots of heart. GO EAGLES GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!