To nap, perchance to dream...

Oh heaven! Bliss in sheets and pillows! Sunday afternoons, the pace painfully slow...even the trees are sleepy. Yes I awoke from a nearly four-hour nap earlier with the feeling of completeness. I was slightly sad to wake up right at the moment that the Miami Dolphins kicked the winning field goal to beat the Panthers in the final six seconds!! (I had it on mute while I slept). So, THAT was disappointing...but otherwise...loveliness. I am especially adept at creating a coma-like state...is that a spiritual gift?
In other news...today was my last official Sunday. I'm feeling at once relieved and a little sad. I really do love these kids, but it's time to go. I cannot begin to express how EXCITED I am to have a new challenge professionally!! YIPPEEEEE!
And I think we'll be going to a new church for now too...RENOVATUS in Charlotte. "Oh the times, they are a changin' "
for more on Renovatus: http://renovatuscharlotte.blogspot.com

Later friends...


Cryin', Lovin' and Leavin'

I have news. Actual exciting news. I am leaving my job of EIGHT years next week (09.30 to be exact). I have accepted a position with Winthrop University here in Rock Hill.

I'm so very thrilled for the change of venue, a new challenge, and the three-mile commute! In my current job, I've seen THREE classes of students go from sixth grade to graduation...that's a lot of kids! I will miss the interaction with these loveable and fun students in the throes of finding their faith and dealing with acne all at the same time. They are near and dear to my heart...but it's just time to move forward. The pic is of the calendar I designed this year for the youth department...just a little tribute to my time there. Sigh.

So, super excited...but also feeling like the central character in a country song--hence, the title of today's blog. I'm already getting so many well-wishings from my current co-workers...it's nice to feel loved. It's made me really think about appreciating people more and encouraging them verbally. I want my legacy to be that of an encourager...not just a busy bee...something I've been thinking of more and more. Fliers, events, and projects will all pass, but people are worth a sizeable investment. So...I'm gone! And off the big WU...back to school if you will. :)

Happy Trails. And shout outs to my Central peeps.


Orange ya glad to be alive?

Close Up of Orange Flower ca. April 1997 Posted by Picasa
My mom claims that I always have liked orange the best. And why not? It's such a lovely amalgamation of the red and the yellow. It matches and complements most every color and enhances the world at its best...and at its worst, infuriates USC Gamecock fans. My computer is currently propped upon a rusty-colored pillow, illuminated by an amber-colored lamp shade. Orange is striking, slightly unordinary, and is a even a nice flavor. Did you know that NOTHING rhymes with the word ORANGE? Hmmmmm? I am at once dismayed and ecstatic that some of the world has caught on to the graces of my highly honored color. Everywhere I go, there seem to be orange things of all shapes and sizes leaping off store shelves. Just today I had to fight an enormous urge to purchase a small orange rug at Target. I have nowhere in particular to put it, but it was on sale. (because it was orange, you say?) Don't you dare dis my color, yo! Orange is jubilant. Orange is triumphant. Orange is...life.


Smellin' Coffee

Are the antithesis of SATURDAYS. Rush, rush, rush for 10-12 hours straight. But I digress. Catching my breath on a few minutes of solitude. You know, I thought my life was interesting enough to write about on a fairly regular basis, but as it turns out...we're fairly boring! :) But keep tuning in as things could still become interesting at ANY MOMENT. Yes, any moment.
(pause for another moment) Well, it wasn't THAT moment. But it could be the next one!
Jerod is still burning up interstate 77 every day. Pray that he doesn't lose sanity in the midst of planning for five classes every week!
I'm still waiting by the phone to hear about something that I want to hear about but can't tell you about yet. (no, there's no Jones-child or anything before you go conjecturing). So, at ANY MOMENT my phone could ring. And maybe it'd be YOU and that would be equally exciting.
So there. I should quit writing while I'm still mildly entertaining.