I hope never to move again

The last few weeks are a blur of boxes, phone calls, paint rollers, spackle, worry, stress...we've been moving for weeks now. I don't feel as if I've even had time to breathe. And breathing is always hard when you're allergic to dust mites, and packing surely involves pulling down the dusty stuff. Sadly, we don't travel lightly. I'm done with moving. And I'm not. We still have an attic and a storage unit with STUFF in it. I wonder why it's so hard to get rid of some things? My mind says things are just things, and then my optimistic core takes over and says I will use ________ someday.
I fear that our twice-as-big house is going to be just as full!
I need to have a serious purge. Just as soon as I find my soap. And shoes. The only room in the house with any semblance of order right now is the kitchen. YIKES!
I really, really don't ever want to move again. I'm not good at it. I don't want to be good at it. I think it is the most detestable thing. Our family and friends have been PRICELESS over the last few weeks. It has been good to spend time with them. They will cheer you on right when you're flagging and want to throw in the towel. Apparently, it takes a village to move the three of us. Looking forward to having some order. The new house is beautiful, and we can't wait to have everyone over and NOT put them to work. Thanks for bearing with us during the transition!

Much love,
Shelley, Jerod and Shepard