Justice Project update

Well, I had such hopes for the Justice Project that our fellowship was undertaking. I have had some mixed emotions with it since. My experience with the whole endeavor has seemed to be thwarted from every side. Neither of our people that we were given to work with and get to know has a working phone. And it's not like they live around the block so I can drop by at random times to check in. It's an hour round-trip...to knock on a door that no one answers. Our small group has spent some time in the neighborhood and have "adopted" some other people to some extent, but it hasn't been much more than some painting and eating and hanging out thus far.
One of our ladies landed in jail before we could form a relationship with her. We were unable to visit, and wrote letters. She seems in the most need for some friendship and support, but she's never home...and again...has no phone. The other lady has not been available up to this point yet, either.
Since March, when we started this movement, my work schedule has been spinning out of control. In addition to the classes I was taking through May and some new job responsibilities, I have had precious few weekends that were not already spoken for. I feel barely capable of handling my own home and responsibilities.
I believe in the Justice Project. I know that I'm too busy. How to clear the time? So much of what keeps me busy is not optional. I'm just purely frustrated right now. I need to pray that the Lord makes clear the path to help me walk into an obedient use of my time. What good am I to Him or anyone if I don't have time to help others?
I have known for years that ministry is not easy. It's not a walk in the park. It's dirty and challenging and doesn't play fair sometimes.
So, here I sit. Tired, defeated, and still hopeful. If we aim at nothing, we'll hit it every time.


At Last...

Well, I took a blog-break. Sometimes you don't have much to say or the desire to say it. That's ok, right? :)

By way of update on the fish tank...Science Fair "sold" me on the idea by touting its possibility for enjoyment and relaxation. I'm still hopeful for those aspects. Thus far, it has been stressful and dramatic. It seems to be now barely easing into the realm of maybe-fun.

Our clownfish got the ich. It's a protozoan disease whose name translates into "fish louse with many children." Delightful, no?

So, the clowns are now in a quarantine tank (in the ever-so-cluttered office room) as J tries to treat them. This whole month has been a never-ending battle with water levels, disease, and mysteries to solve. J has been on the internet trying to sort out fact from fiction regarding saltwater environments. These fish eat frozen food!! And he feeds our crabs little shrimpy-looking things with tongs! Who knew?

The goby (bright yellow fish pictured) seems to have quit jumping over the back into the filter area, and the wrasse has no one to um...ha-wrasse right now, except occassionally the goby, which might explain the jumping.
It's like we started an micro-alien colony in our living room.