Birthdays, Yard Ghosts, and "Freeze-ster"

Nothing like a few days "off" to give you a clearer head and the desire to type. I turned 32 this week. I'm not sure about this 30's thing. I'm starting to understand the "real age" versus "felt age" idea. I feel about 25. Whatever. I guess age is just a number. Now if only I could quit sprouting gray hairs!!! Thank you, Loreal number 45 "French Roast."

Our yard is full of "ghosts" as the temperature has plunged to record lows for the area, and we've had to cover all of our leafing spring plants with various sheets. Over the butterfly bush is a lamentable purchase made by my brother in college. For some reason, he was pressured into buying the same sheet/comforter set as his roommate (I really thought only girls tried to match their room stuff--perhaps the mother was driving that train)...so he purchased a fairly hideous black and white spotted affair. Somehow, in the grand scheme of life, I ended up with the twin top sheet, so my butterfly bush is currently sporting a black-and-white spotted sheet with a teal stripe at the top. The hydrangea is draped in pink...And it all gives the appearance of short trick-or-treaters with their ghost costumes on! :)

Bring back SPRING!!! We had our Easter service this morning, which I have renamed just for today, "FREEZE-STER." It was pretty cold in service, and Jerod began to turn purple...like Grimace (McD's). We spent about 10 minutes in the warm car after service before we braved the Freeze-ster picnic in the park after church. It's weird to picnic with your coat on. Just in case you ever think to try it. Unless you're on vacation. Then you can picnic with abandon. I think there's some rule about most picnic foods containing mayonnaise as well. That's a rule that was meant to be broken. Not as much a factor today, considering the refrigerator-like temperatures, but in general...mayonnaise is a bad idea. Service was amazing, as usual. I am so blessed to be a part of a congregation that is such a lovely representation of Jesus--flawed misfits and beneficiaries of Grace--all trying to love and represent. It's a thing of beauty.

And with that, I wish you a happy Freeze-ster. May the beauty of the Risen Lord make you breathless and hopeful. May the future break into your present, and may the kingdom of Christ reign in your heart today.

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Anonymous said...

Hey shelly, it is Drew a mime from like one hundered years ago. Well not that long, (2003) graduation year. Just saw your old e-mail telling your leaving central and figured I'd write you. I have been married 1 year as of may 20th and am expecting a little girl soon. Keep in touch, same e-mail.