my to do list is longer than my body

It's just one of those weeks. You know those weeks, when you're not sure how you got from point A to point B because you're thinking, "Get someone to take care of the dogs for Thanksgiving...Thanksgiving...that's NEXT WEEK! Crap! I'm supposed to bring desserts...I could run by Harris Teeter as I noticed there's a sale on pies...but then, there's no space in the fridge until we make the chicken for small group tomorrow...CRAP! small group tomorrow, I need to make that chicken tonight because I have to work late tomorrow...where was I? Dogs...oh, I really need to make an annual appointment for Tink. DIAL PHONE. MAKE APPOINTMENT. 8 a.m. next Monday? Shoot! I'm off on Monday, and won't get to sleep in. But then there's so much to do before Thanksgiving it will be good to get up and get going..."

Take a deep breath. And believe me, that's just a sliver of what's going on. Not that you care...you have free time to read pointless blogs, don't you?

And then as I was sitting watching my other dog nap in the yard while I was listening to the radio, reading a photography magazine, and looking at bills during lunch...I had a random thought, "I wonder if our squirrels realize that Barley is blind?" They act like it. And so I think they know...because they are pretty brazenly walking around collecting acorns as if a 60 pound Shar Pei with giant teeth is not sitting there at all. When he catches their scents, it's very fun to see them go running...and then maybe they second-guess that whole blind dog thing.

There's something very satisfying about taking ten minutes to write about such nonsense when there is so much real "stuff" to be done...like refilling my prescription, setting up tomorrow's dinner, reading chapter 4 and doing the assignment, designing a poster, working on my portfolio, and hello....READING THE BIBLE or PRAYING!

Reflecting on the Lord...singing a worship song for just the Lord to hear...making some space to dream...to envision what the Lord's TO DO list would look like for me. I'm certain He's not satisfied with my car-prayers alone...you know, the ones peppered with frantic thoughts of things to do. So I'm taking some space here...a few moments to gather myself on "paper." Some space to allow dreams and words to flow through my fingertips. I'm putting down all the instruments and gadgets I've rigged up for my one-woman band...losing the harmonica, the kick drum, and the accordian for a moment...I'm breathing deeply and allowing myself to just sit and soak.

So, I'll see you later, I'm sitting and soaking.

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