Recovering from the Birth.

Now that's an odd title. Just a quick entry to give thanks for a unique opportunity I had to be part of "The Birth: A Reflective Celebration of the Birth of Jesus." A merry band of misfits and artsy-singer-musician-theatre types pulled off an intimate look at Christmas. Intimate...our crowds of 30 or so in a black-box theatre where you can really see the whites of their eyes and brush against people as you stand and sing. Exposed...how you feel sometimes when you're under the lights and there is not a big band with drums and bass to cover your vocal flaws and the decongestants you've been taking all week. Beautiful...in its simplicity. Marvelous...the acting! You are right there with the Inn Keeper, lost in the unenchanted forest of a million trees...the to do list that overtakes experiencing the presence of God (so often!)...in the palace with the Wise Man, who is surprised at his own response to the miracle of the Lord incarnate...laughing with the shepherd who experiences each moment fully IN the moment and fairly dances across the meadows to see what all the hub-bub is. Thankful...as I looked around the room...singing with folks I've known for years and years...and some I just met...and the audiences so engaged, some teary-eyed, some wondering if it would all be safe for them sitting so close. You could almost see thought bubbles above their heads at times...wondering if maybe it would get a little too artsy for their taste, and they would be stuck there just feet from the performers feeling awkward and looking for an interesting spot on the floor. Then the truly appreciative ones who got it and felt it and embraced it all. Performing is such an emotional ride. Thanks to all who bought tickets for the ride and committed. Thanks of course to Jesus, who became a miracle trapped inside such a dull, uninteresting body of flesh just to show us He wanted to be near, to touch us (thanks JM), to sing and cry with us...and to do theatre with us. He was there. Did you see Him?


Nathan said...

i couldn't have said it better.

your contribution was indispensable, both artistically and musically. thank you.

Hannibal said...

Thank you for sharing your gift with me. It was an honor to stand on the same stage with such gifted people as yourself.

Sheila said...

Awwww... it sounds wonderful! I'm sad I don't live close enough to have enjoyed it. I helped with the children's Christmas play at church last night... maybe not so magical, but theatre with kids is always a (hilarious) treat!