I love Science Fair

We love to watch "Lost." There is a character on the show named Sawyer (also goes by LaFleur, Jim, James Ford) who loves to give people awesome nicknames. I came up with my own for Jerod the other day. His new nickname is "Science Fair." I called him that jokingly, but it is sticking. Last Saturday, I awoke to find him sitting at the kitchen table with all kinds of vials of colored liquid testing the water from our new aquarium. Understandable, since we thought we might hit up the local fish store's gigantor annual sale that day. The best thing was though, instead of "Good morning, sweetheart" I got a full run-down on our nitrate levels and was asked to analyze a color chart against a vial of yellow water. What shade of yellow? was of imminent importance.
Now, friends, there was no coffee in my system yet. I was still stumbling trying to remember what day it was and why I was out of bed. There was no need to be analyzing nitrate levels so early for ME. But, I remember...this is the stuff he's passionate about. After I mumbled "Good morning to you, too" I yawned and pointed at the color I thought the water was. And was greeted with another five-minute lesson about how we need to do something or other to level things out. I nodded and mustered all of my wifely interest as the sweet elixir of morning flooded my mug.
So, Science Fair and me had a great day...we hit up the fish store and spent some time there...ate Thai food, and went to a concert for his favorite band in Columbia. It was Science Fair's birthday weekend.
So, I never thought I'd say this sentence...but I do love a Science Fair.

Fish tank pics coming soon. We have our Nemo-fish!!! I think their names are Rose and Bernard. We'll see.

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