Not just the road less traveled...

Well, it's a new year, so I guess I need to get back on the blogging "horse." Surely there will be a lot to say this year. I mean...our family is growing. My belly is growing. Our house already looks like WWIII has hit. And everything is in transition. If that's not cause to pray and write, I don't know what would be!
So a quick tidbit about some reassurance from the Lord...
Our service on Sunday had to do with different seasons in life and how the Lord uses you and speaks to you and through you. It was also a call to us as a church that as the Lord uses us in our community, that we need to always be sure and remember our "first love" as described to the church at Ephesus in Revelation 2. We need to be focused on our relationships with Jesus first, and not only our good works.
That's the jist, anyway.
As I was praying, I could see in myself in my mind's eye in the middle of a large open field...you could see forever in every direction. I was standing in the middle of an intersection with lots of roads going out like spokes on a wheel. There were no road signs or direction, and seemingly I needed to choose which way to go. I pictured myself with a clipboard, trying to take notes on each way and reason out the best route. I was quickly overwhelmed.
I looked up, as if to pray, closed my eyes and breathed deeply and stayed like that for some time.
When I opened my eyes and looked back towards what was before me, there was now only ONE road. The Lord had heard my prayers, and didn't want me to toil and work for the answer. He wanted to show me the way.
So, Lord. Show me the way. The best way. The God way.

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Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Very cool...soon it will be time to post belly pics...hahahaha!!!!