How I know I'm old...at 36

I'm no spring chicken. This is all surprising to me since I feel about 28. However, I noticed some crow's feet on my latest round of photos. They should call them "happy feet" since you probably get them from smiling a lot. Which is why I'm ok with getting older. I'm in a good place for the most part. There are sooo many more things I still have on my life's to-do list, but I've checked off a lot too.
I was thinking about things today that are unique to folks in their upper thirties and above. I tend to be among the oldest in my friend circles these days (geez!).
So here's a list for kicks and giggles:
  1. When I took TYPING in high school, I learned on an electric typewriter and with a real book. No computer keyboards for us! We turned in our typing tests to be hand-graded by an actual human, too.
  2. I did not have a method by which to watch a movie in my home until I was 14 years old unless it came on TV and I found it in the TV guide or newspaper or happened upon it with a remote. We were a little late on the VHS-wagon, to be sure. But most everyone I know has been able to "rent" a movie or view one at will since they were little kids.
  3. Speaking of movies, it was a big fat hairy deal when "The Sound of Music" or "The Wizard of Oz" would come on once a year...since I had no other way to watch them.
  4. I did not have a cell phone until college, at which point, it was still a major novelty to my friends. I only got it because I was working a swing shift in Charlotte over the summer. It was for emergency use only. So, I didn't REALLY have a cell phone until after college to use for real.
  5. I never used the internet to write a research paper. We had email and online library systems, but the internet was still a bit of a mystery when I went through school. Imagine my learning curve when I took a master's class in English in '06! I had to learn how to do that kind of research (hint: it doesn't involve Google searches).
  6. And since we didn't have internet and had not really used it much, the idea of HOLDING IT in the PALM OF YOUR HAND was redunkulous. We used phone books made of paper that doubled as seat boosters if you were short.
  7. And it's not all technology stuff, since of course that all changes at the speed of light. I was never a princess, had no desire to be a princess and didn't even understand the allure of ballet class since they had to wear those silly tutus and tights. I wasn't exactly a raging tomboy either. Just a regular girl doing gymnastics, piano, Brownies, etc. The princess culture drives me bananas for soooo many reasons. But, back in my day, it just wasn't the thing. We pretended to be actual things that could earn an actual paycheck one day, like teachers and book salespeople (another story for another day).
  8. I rode a bike. A lot. And played in the woods. A lot. And I watched reruns of the Flying Nun and the Brady Bunch. I get very excited when I see kids in our neighborhood playing outside. I wonder what the world will look like in 20 years when children of the '00's grow up and discover they can't zap their boss with a Wii controller or wave a magic wand to make the world a better place.
  9. The last reason I know I'm old. I just basically used the phrase "kids today..." with a wistful shake of the head and slightly disapproving air.

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