Walks Among the Trees

I admit it. I have always had a weakness for tall men and an aversion to shorter ones. I mean, short dudes are fine, but I wasn't attracted. My college roommates faulted me for this. While THEY were allowed to think a guy had cute eyes, nice knees or perfect hair...yes, you see my point. I couldn't help it. When I entered a room full of folks, I was immediately smitten with tall ones. And not because I am brushing 6' myself, mind you. I'm only hitting 5'5" in my low wedge heels.
These girls (whom I love) assured me that it would be just like God to send the man of my dreams packaged in a 5'6" body. I did have a fleeting crush on a 5'8" guy once. He had a heck of a personality and great wit.
You can imagine my sheer delight when a certain 6'10" cutie/smartie entered my life armed with cooking skills, a college degree, and a sweet heart. All this and tall too!? Shut the front door.
Our friend Elisabeth gave him the Native American name 'Walks Among the Trees.' (Mine, incidentally is 'Shops Among the Shoes')
I truly enjoy watching little kids in stores crane their necks in wonder and adults watching him walk by and talking about him as though his ears are too far up for him to hear...not to mention the short tag-along trying to keep up. He takes it all in stride, with his easy demeanor.
Sadly, he met a taller fellow (7'2"!!!) at a festival on Saturday and walked over to strike up a conversation, figuring they could have a laugh, commiserate, pelt things at unsuspecting folks' heads...but the poor dolt soured his face up and promptly walked away without even a word. Apparently, his height and all the attention has made him a little bitter. His girlfriend was kind enough to share a few words and even coerce the mean giant into a photo op. The guy still never said anything.
Bizarre to me, really.
My Tall One isn't necessarily one to grab the center of attention, but at least he knows how to smile, talk, and make the most of the height that God gave him. It's really a gift. I mean, how else would I get down my crock pot, blender, ice bucket, etc.? I'll tell you how, the glass blender would fall on my eye and bruise me. It's happened! We don't have a step stool b/c I can usually count on Jerod to fetch the stuff above 5'9". He can always see the stage at a concert, and can navigate crowds of people with ease. I can always find him in a store. And he makes me feel petite. That's worth a lot!
I can't believe we're closing in our SEVENTH anniversary. Seems like just yesterday he was remarking that our furniture, etc. work work well together on our FIRST DATE (ha ha ha!).  ;)
Love you the ocean, Jerod Jones.

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Justin and Jessica Jones said...

So sweet...those tall Jones boy are pretty special. :)