It's Fall, I think I'll turn over a NEW leaf

We're watching a documentary on the Grand Canyon...a welcome relief from the canned laughter and fake reality shows on the popular fare.
BUT, that's not what I'm here to divulge...that was just a slice of life from the Joneses. In that vein, I will also highly recommend to you the Pillsbury Oatmeal Raisin bake-em-at-home cookies. They are fabulous with a splash of Good Humor soft vanilla ice cream. Slice of life over.

New leaf...oh yes. (I wonder from whence that phrase comes...I shall look it up shortly)
Started the new job at WINTHROP U. last week. So far, so loving it! I was seeking a professional challenge and a family-type environment. Check...and check. I work in a beautiful setting with very nice people, and I'm just a few miles from home. I've enjoyed mid-day runs home for lunch, and I really really DON'T miss getting on I-77 every day.

Jerod is still hacking away at his plans for school each weekend, making him wonder what possesses anyone to teach. Yeah, yeah...fulfillment and all that...but spending four hours on the internet to come up with a science lesson will really make you want to become a burger-cooker or a port-a-john emptier man. :) (he's threatened the latter. Of course I'll love him no matter what he does, but I do have to live with the SMELL!)

Enjoying the new leaf/life...and the promise of good times to come...and the hint of Fall in the air.
Go Panthers.

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