To nap, perchance to dream...

Oh heaven! Bliss in sheets and pillows! Sunday afternoons, the pace painfully slow...even the trees are sleepy. Yes I awoke from a nearly four-hour nap earlier with the feeling of completeness. I was slightly sad to wake up right at the moment that the Miami Dolphins kicked the winning field goal to beat the Panthers in the final six seconds!! (I had it on mute while I slept). So, THAT was disappointing...but otherwise...loveliness. I am especially adept at creating a coma-like state...is that a spiritual gift?
In other news...today was my last official Sunday. I'm feeling at once relieved and a little sad. I really do love these kids, but it's time to go. I cannot begin to express how EXCITED I am to have a new challenge professionally!! YIPPEEEEE!
And I think we'll be going to a new church for now too...RENOVATUS in Charlotte. "Oh the times, they are a changin' "
for more on Renovatus: http://renovatuscharlotte.blogspot.com

Later friends...

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Sara said...

Just wanted to post and say I hope that your first day was a blast, can't wait to hear about it!!