A Little Patch of Sunshine

My dog, Tink (aka "Stink" depending on what she's eaten), loves to lie in the front doorway. Why? There, in the morning hours between 9 and 11:30 or so, she finds a little patch of sunshine. A place where she can soak up the rays, stay warm and cozy, and sleep peacefully. She will lie there until she is panting from the heat, and I have to remind her to go lap up water before she croaks.
Don't we all crave a little patch of sunshine...that place where we feel cozy and warm, where we have the peace to rest, and forget about even the most basic of needs?
She is lying there now...only disturbed by the potential to get a treat from an incoming husband. She looks peaceful and hopeful...another lovely day of sleeping and eating and some petting too.
That's the life, kids. A little patch of sunshine. I find it mostly in God...when I'm right with him, and I know that He is in control and will take of things. Something reminds me about "Be still and know..." or as Pastor J-Mart quoted a few weeks back from another version, "Cease striving and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10) And so many times I forget, and strive on my own...trying to work every problem out in my own little futile brain. I need to remember the Tink and find my place in the doorway and let the Lord shine down on me.
Have a little patch of sunshine day. (I'm really resisting the urge to go for the Christian cliche here, and write a little patch of SONshine...GROAN! But I didn't do it...see? I'm still cool...yeah. I am. Darn it.)

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