So I'm writing nothing. Yup. Just thought I should write something. But it's really nothing. Several lines of absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Just letters in a line that don't really reveal anything. And that's all I have to say. Well, let's see. I shall recount things I like.

I like warm weather.

I like sandals and painted toenails.
I like chocolate chip cookies.I like a tall man named Jerod.
My parents are cool.
My brother and sis-in-law are like the smartest people ever.
I really like the fact that our ceiling fan makes the room pleasant.
I like my new Orange Crush clock/light that I won on ebay.
I like ebay.
I like my dogs; even when they are annoying, they are sweet and are happy to see me.
I like yard work and dirt...most of the time.
I like my space...I just joined and have found many old friends.
I like orange.
I like orange.
I like orange.

I like orange so much I wrote it four times.
I like pizza...mostly just cheese...if I'm feeling wild...maybe some green peppers, hamburger, or chicken.
I like Qdoba...a lot...and I miss that there's not one close-by.
I like Winthrop. (GO EAGLES! NCAA big dance this week!)
I like outfits that go together without much thought or ironing.
I like comfortable shoes.
I like tulips...all colors.I like Spring...it's as if God is just showing off.
I like Diet Sprite.

See, now I wrote about something. Go me.

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