Living grammatically in a grammatically incorrect world

Oh Fergie.
You really are dancing on my last nerve.
"I'm not gonna miss you like a child misses THEIR blanket..."
I won't break the song down and beat up on it. Pop music is purely for entertainment, and I don't have stellar expectations of insightful lyrics. I unashamedly enjoy pop music for its pure fun and sing-along stylings.
But come on!!

a child = ONE child
how can one child miss THEIR blanket? children can miss their blankets...or a child can miss his or her blanket.

I have lots of grammar pet peeves, and I will not claim to be 100% correct every time I set pen to paper or fingers to keys. But there are some mistakes that become pervasive in society, and the perpetrators will ultimately bring a society to ruin.

I hear, "My friend is amazing. They really know how to cook pancakes."
one friend = THEY?? Does this person have multiple personalities?
Person, introduce yourself to the words he and she as well as his/hers.
" My friend is amazing. He really knows how to cook pancakes."

And whilst (!) I'm ranting, may I please suggest that we avoid shunning the word me.
Me is a valid word when used in the objective case. "The what, Shelley? I don't remember no grammar stuff." Don't make it the subject of your sentence, and you'll usually be just fine. But DON'T exchange me or I with myself.
"That class is going to be stimulating for myself." FOR ME!
"Myself and Judy are going downtown tonight." JUDY AND I!
"I never thought using bad grammar would reflect so badly on myself or my friends." ON ME OR MY FRIENDS! OR MY FRIENDS AND ME!
"I thought I'd buy a brand new boat for my wife and myself." MY WIFE AND ME! or ME AND MY WIFE!

Perhaps the rules have changed, or I am living in a grammar-cave...but people are using MYSELF in odd ways lately.

I feel much better now. I'm serious about the societal erosion through poor grammar examples. Children of tomorrow are far more likely to speak Fergie's words than they are to speak properly. There may come a time when we truly don't understand one another because slang and structure have been flung out the proverbial window.

My final rant...since now my juices are flowing...when comparing something to another something...use the subjective case. "Huh?"

"Those kids are all taller than me." incorrect.
"Those kids are all than I." (add the verb silently..."than I am.")
"She is louder than him." incorrect
"She is louder than he." (add the verb again..."than he is." ...and it makes perfect sense)

Yes, I know there are more terrible things than bad grammar going on with society. I realize I'm a nerd. Just indulge the nerdiness, and listen for these three things. Your eardrums will fairly deafen with the sound of ignorance.

Graceless in Grammar-land...and ready for sweet dreams...

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