Running, running, and running, running

I'm wearing my imaginary tennis shoes this week. Just running from place to place, meeting to class to home to eat to sleep. Even my dreams have been like work. Just this week, I dreamed that Jerod and I decided to organize and put on a Renaissance Festival (!). Jerod suggested that the thing that would really make it fantastic was a pewtersmith. So, in my dream, I was on the phone with the pewtersmith people talking about their craft and wares. I probably would have had the whole thing put together had Jerod not woken me up to tell me that Barley had tinkled on the rug in the night. Did you get all that? That was a long, convoluted sentence and thought. So, even in my sleepy-time, I'm coordinating something. I'm not sure how to stop the coordinating. I am constantly thinking of time, dividing my time, devoting my time, and how much more time I wish I had to accomplish this or that.

I enjoy being active, and I tend to book myself to the edges. It's a life pattern. I have figured out since I've been married that I can't fit quite as much into a day and still be a nice person or an effective wife. So, when I got married, I discovered real margins in my life. Actual undedicated time to do whatever needed doing or doing nothing at all.

I guess it's in my DNA to juggle forty-two things at a time. But I still need to make sure that sometimes there is just no juggling at all. Sometimes I just need to be. Think. Write. Create. Connect. Taking control of the margins and just resting in them...but that will need to wait 'til the weekend.

On other matters...let's PRAY FOR RAIN! Seriously, Jesus needs to squeeze some juice from the clouds, and soon!! We keep losing plant life, and I'm getting really sad about it. Every time I turn on the faucet and shower head, I'm thinking about how much water is flowing through it, and how fast I can turn it off or down. Not a bad thing at all to be more mindful of our resources...

Jerod and I are diving head-first into cyber classes. He began an online class about BLOGGING (!) and I start an online class on creating websites in two weeks. He is setting up a blog for his science classes as an interactive tool for research, instruction, etc. How cool that we can relate to folks, converse, and learn online! I'm excited about the new endeavor. In other class news, I'm enjoying my graphic design classes...feeling like I'll never learn everything that needs to be learned, but it's fun to have a creative outlet. I cannot drink in the information fast enough! Hmmm...enough of the multi-tasking...I think it's time to go to sleep. I wonder what I'll coordinate in my dreams tonight?

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seattlebags said...

Hey-- you're back to blogging! I hadn't checked in awhile. Welcome back Shelley!