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Sometimes I wait to write a blog until I am bursting with ideas. And sometimes I start out with no real idea at all. Lucky for you...here I am without an idea. But I don't like to neglect the blog, as it's like a friend to me now.
We made our annual trek to see the Spider Lilies in the Catawba River. (see photos) I'm not sure why we have to go see them every year. It's some reassurance that man has not wiped yet another species off the planet. These lilies only grow in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina because their habitats have been decimated everywhere else. And we like to hike...and Jerod REALLY likes to see snakes in the wild. Last year, on our Memorial Day trek, we spotted no less than seven snakes, and a new type that Jerod did not know about. His eyes lit up like it was Christmas at the curious orange-bellied slithering thing. I will never understand this part of him. The little boy with a pocket-full of frogs lives on. No snakes this year, save one curled up far away in a tree. I tend to beep when I see a snake in the wild. Yes, I am at a complete loss for words, and just stand still pointing and beeping. Or once, I ran up the hill so fast, Jerod just saw my dust cloud go by. I have no use for the snake family.
Jerod has just three days left of school (pause for wild cheering from the stands)!!! I love it when he's home for summer. The dishes are magically done when I come home, the yard is all spruced up, and I get daily reports on what all he has accomplished. He accomplishes things I did not know needing doing such as trimming the middle branches of the maple tree and rigging up a solar light for the pond. He is his own "honey-do" list. No complaints here. If I could get a job that paid crazy amounts of money, I would let him stay home all day and whack away at a list.
Near the top of my summer list:
Do something about my junk room, I mean office. I am ashamed at my own ability to close a door and pretend that the pile of junk doesn't exist. I think the magazines have babies in there when we're not looking. Also on the summer list would be reading "Song of Solomon" by Toni Morrison. But I'll have to find it in the junk room first. "I know you're in there!!" I tell it sometimes, "I'm going to read you if I ever find you." I'm truly afraid that my small dog will go in and never come back out.
LOST is finally over for the year. I will miss my Lost friends (you know, the ones who live in the TV!). I cried at parts of the show as I squeezed the skin off Jerod's knobby knee. He didn't seem to mind. I don't understand how I'm going to make it until January for new episodes.
At least I'll have "Pushing Daisies..." It's renewed for Fall, and one of my favorite new shows. Quirky, mirthful, and slightly twisted...what more does one need in her entertainment? Give it look-see in September. Be a fan.
I am a fan of being well-rested. I think I'll put my tired bones to bed now that I've said everything on my mind worth publishing ("THIS is what was worth publishing??" you ask). Yes, it's all I have. Toodle-lee-do.

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