Optimism and Things that pile up.

When it gets quiet on the bloggy front, I am usually knee-deep in real life. Who am I kidding...let's go with waist-deep!
I am a natural optimist. It's sad, really. Because it causes me to think grandly about what I might do or will do "someday." So today I am thinking of things that pile up. And why. Here's MY short list:

1. Mail at the kitchen table. Because I think that there are things in the pile that I will need shortly, like coupons and catalogs, and bills.

2. Shoes in the den. Because I toss them off at my earliest convenience upon entering the house (oy, my aching feet!), and don't see them for the better part of a week.

3. Emails in my inbox. Because I have a terrible case of "out of sight, out of mind..." and they're either waiting to be answered, or I still need to do something to tend to them...or in the case of my hotmail...it's easier to let 1500+ emails pile up than to deal with them.

4. Magazines. I will read them someday. And someday never comes.

5. Coupons. I can't ever seem to get myself and coupons in the store at the same time.

6. Things to file. I can get the items TO FILE in one PILE, but have more trouble getting the file pile filed.

7. Leftovers. Good intentions end up growing mold...then it's really fun to deal with them...

8. Clean laundry. I have no idea why I really like to fold, but not to put away.
9. Photos. Because I know that free time is right around the corner, and I will scrapbook like a maniac with it.

Things that are GOOD to PILE:

1. Money. Let me know if you find a money pile. I'm coming over. I'm bringing cookies to bribe you. (Or put you to sleep.)
2. Poker chips. Means you're winning. Winning is awesome. Can lead to above.
3. Clean laundry. Clean piles are better than dirty ones.
4. Books. Nothing says lovin' like a good pile of books. Memories and potential in one stack. Delightful.
Wall-E is the best piler ever. He knew what to keep and what to discard. He was efficient. He compacted and stacked the trash, and sorted the keepers.
Can I become more like him? I'm putting that idea in a stack of ideas to think about later.

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theresa.goodnight said...

1. Movies I either WANT to watch, have watched and am too lazy to put back on the shelf, or need to be sent back to netflix.

2. DISHES in my sink! Double trouble if the dish washer is clean (dishes need to be put away) AND dirty dishes in the sink that need to be put in the hopefully soon to be empty dishwasher.

3. Things to go to the recycle bin...even though it's right out the back door, my recyclables tend to stack up by the sink waiting for someone to walk them 10 steps to the recycle bin.

4. Clothes I MIGHT wear again someday. No more explanantion needed.

Sigh. I'm glad I'm in good company! =)