Finding Nemo

It's about time for me to watch "Finding Nemo" again. I just love that movie. And now, we will be the proud owners of our very own Nemo-fish! Jerod talked me into setting up a saltwater aquarium, or a "marine reef aquarium," as it will have "live rock," corals, sponges, etc. It took some talking to, as any hobby like this is a little pricey to get started, but the Tall One had done his homework. Craigslist, as always, came through and delivered the aquarium and a bunch of its trappings for a teeny little pricetag compared to getting everything new. We spent the better part of the evening getting everything set up. I was covered in salt water a few times while trying to fill a jug to pour in the tank.
Once the water clears, and stuff starts to show off, I'll have some pictures up of the progress. According to the textbook Jerod bought (yes, he's that serious about it), we have to wait a few weeks to everything cranking. We are definitely getting a clownfish, and I already informed him that we will have to watch our copy of "Finding Nemo" when we do...so the clownfish will be happy and feel at home. Now...what should I name a clownfish?


Justin said...

Hooray for saltwater! Hooray for Reef tanks! My excitement drowns out my envy. I will have to take pride in my little fish/coral/anemone nieces and nephews until one day perhaps when we get a tank.

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Hooray for your house and not mine. :)just kidding...I love the salt water tanks...you have such cool colors of fish to pick from...can't wait to see what you pick...:) Jessica

Sheila said...

How about Meno?