Justice Project Week

We've been processing what all of this means...here's where it started on Monday. (click here) Join the conversation!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shelley,
I still would love to talk about your group and the ways you have made contact with your residence. What you are doing next, that kind of thing. I just got off of the phone with Susie Daly who is our contact w/ the project and she is extremely helpful. I feel like there has not been good communication within the CLG leaders on our blog. She mentioned a "Why Mail" account that the JP uses that we could be apart of. I am probably misspelling that or calling it the wrong thing. This way we can interact and post things that are more central in location. The Renovatus blog seems more like a place were we as leaders receive info. that we need, but not able to interact with. Make sense? Maybe not...I am much better on the phone. Anyway, let’s talk soon.