Along the Way...

I'm a little over halfway to the big day when we meet this little guy. I was able to hear the heartbeat again last week and heard some significant kicking on the handheld listening machine. Still not feeling significant kicks, but as I understand, those will come soon enough. I'm trying to prepare myself to fit about 14-20 inches of baby in my eight-inch torso. In many ways, it would be easier if Jerod could carry the baby, what with his four-foot torso and all! :) Thanks to my genetic sponsors for making me short-waisted.
On the symptom side, I really still can't complain. I mean, I haven't even BARFED yet! (thank you, LORD) And I don't have any additional food aversions to my usual. Though I have had a disturbing uptick in ideas about sausage biscuits. I have not given in to these ideas, however. I could eat lemony-limey-citrusy things like crazy. If it's tart, I pretty much want it. If it's chocolate, I couldn't care less (bizarro!). My mouth is watering just thinking about the lime-pineapple bars in my freezer.
Sleeping has already become a challenge. The purchase of the body pillow radically transformed my hip/back comfort level, so bravo on that. Sadly for Jerod, I have developed the pregnancy SNORES! Of course, they don't bother ME at all...but I am wearing a breathe-right strip every night to alleviate the sawing sounds so he can get some sleep. And...my worst symptom thus far has been the onset of carpal tunnel in both wrists. According to the doc and my "what to expect" app, symptoms are due to swelling in the wrists that put pressure on the nerves in the wrist. So, I've been sleeping with these wrist splints. Makes me feel like I could put ninja-karate moves on anyone who would dare attack in the night! It's just annoying, as I can't even get my make-up on the in the morning without my hands going all tingly pretty much constantly.
BUT, people who have kids say being a parent is great...so I'm choosing to believe and focus on that. Ha! For now, I just have to look a fright when I go to bed with all my paraphenalia.
More later on our hospital tour!

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