In the spirit of Easter...a Resurrection

I sense the Lord calling me to two things right now. Worship and writing. And the need to do those things in a disciplined fashion--to remind me who's Who and why that matters. One I'll likely do in the privacy of my car, office (office?), home...and one I'll share with you.
Some things won't be for "public" consumption, four readers, but there are so many things yet to work out on my journey and funny things to share and musings to post. I'm working on a sort of framework to give me some guidance. Flashback Fridays are coming. And probably Meditative Monday. Let's all hope that the actual posts are more interesting than the alliterative topic-starters.
I'm building altars here. Reminding myself of the works that God has done. I'm laying groundwork for faith, working out what God is doing. I'm dreaming big dreams and resting in a hope that is bigger than I am.
There should also be laughter and the occasional sharing of sorrow. These are things that life is made of. Mountains and valleys, as it were.
File this one under meditative Monday. Since the sleep fairy has laughed at me tonight, we'll start here. Resurrecting a blog. Hallelujah!

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