Hey...what happened?

I promised more posts. I opened posts last week and watched the cursor blink. I had nothing to say. My head was full of {insert whatever delightful word you prefer for "snot" here}. I was coughing up a lung (literally!), and I generally felt pretty crummy. Thoughts were not forming in my head. Shepard was sleeping like a dream, but I was having some trouble between all the nose-blowing and wheezing.  If there's anything I know from the last year or so, lack of sleep makes me a zombie. I cannot form thoughts and see them through. I wonder if that's how dimensia feels. As though you know there are some thoughts in there somewhere, but you can't access them no matter how hard you try.
My asthma and allergy meds have kicked in, and I'm working on evicting the snot.
That's all I have today. Just wanted to drop in and wave the flag of life. I'm still sad that I will never be on Oprah. It's her last week of shows. Not sure why she never invited me. We would have had a blast on a road trip.

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