Driving Alone...God and my iPod

I am heading to the hills tomorrow because it's just too hot to breathe. Literally. My asthma and the ozone are at odds. I have been planning to go on a ladies' retreat to the mountains with a bunch of ladies I don't even know. Not sure what would possess me to do such a thing, other than mountains in June sounded very enticing. I mean, I know ONE person, my sister-in-law who invited me to tag along. I have yet to spend a night away from Shepard, so this will be a test run. Daddy and Grandma will hold things down with the munchkin, so he's in good great hands.
I realized this morning that I haven't been alone in a car for more than about an hour in probably more than a year. I've hardly gone anywhere without tag alongs! What will I do with five delicious hours with God and iPod? I will probably sing myself hoarse, since I LOVE to crank up my tunes and belt it out. And I'm taking the scenic route through the hills. And I might just stop and take pictures of anything beautiful I see, just because I can. I will plan a little extra time for that. I may or may not stop and get a milkshake. I'm not telling.
I do dearly hope that the heat doesn't follow me. If I could be an X-Man mutant, I would have the ability to create weatherproof forcefields around my body and provide that service to anyone else who wanted it. I would call myself SHIELD. (Rain-X is probably copyrighted)
Here's to an adventure! Here's to new friends! Here's to scenic routes in the mountains and milkshakes and singing at the top of my lungs because I can!
See you on the flip side!

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