Believing and Doing...

This post is an initial reaction to the last few days...no terribly deep thoughts, just thinkin' aloud. Something that has become more real to us since last week--If you believe it and don't do what "it" requires, do you believe it?
If you worry and fret over everything and believe in an omnipotent God, is there really room for worry? He's either who He says he is, or He's not. If He's not, then we don't believe Him and we are left to our own devices, our own solutions, our own variables. That's a scary place.
I haven't wrestled with this question so much, as I am not one to worry. There's a deep nugget of faith in my soul (not to say I don't have other issues to wrestle with!), so I tend to take God at the face value of who He says He is and what I've seen Him do for me.
But it's so interesting to watch others who are BOUND by worry and fear grasp this simple truth. It is so freeing!! He is God. He made all. He is over all. He is working everything out for our ultimate good, whether it "feels" good during the process or not. He has a plan for me, a plan to prosper and not to harm me, a plan to redeem my soul, a plan to make me more in the likeness of Jesus as I submit to the plan. He loves me. He does everything in my life to propel His plan for the world, and not just for my little life.
When you're IN Him, none of this seems scary. The unknown is just a chance for God to show off. There is nothing to fear, for He is WITH me. And if I believe THAT, I cannot practice worry or verbalize all my little fears. I must remind myself of these truths that I claim to believe. And in the acknowledgement of these truths, worry becomes a mere whisper...fear is sent running. When I practice what I believe, it becomes more real...something tangible to point to further down the road. "Remember when God handled ...?" Yes!!! Because that's what my Father does. How can I have any other response?

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