I just needed to share with the wide world my true inner geek. Not that it's much of a secret from those of you who know me...
But Jerod and I have entered a new level of geek. We are so excited about the return of LOST in a few weeks, that we ran out and rented the last three episodes of last season and the bonus DVD. Mind you, we've seen those episodes, but it had been so long that we felt the need to re-watch. If you're a "Lostie," you'll understand how easy it is to forget all the clues and connections.
And so, on our last full day of Christmas break yesterday, we spent about 5-6 hours watching the episodes, rewinding to see tiny clues, watching ALL of the bonus footage, including the hidden stuff...and threw the bonus DVD back in at lunch today to make sure we didn't miss anything.
LOST is the masterpiece of our time, I tell you.
In defense of our illustrious and collosal waste of precious free time, Jerod was under the weather, and I couldn't bear organizing anything else. It was fantastic. In another defense of our geekdom...LOST is really more like a mini-series/novel in its unfolding, so you really do need to "re-read" to enjoy it thoroughly.
Ahhh. Lost.
May the writer's strike end before too long!!!!!!!!!!!! I will certainly be a crying mess if those darned writers interfere with my sweet show.

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