Compelled to Post

Mondays are a little like mini-new-years, and I feel compelled to post something. Like I have a clean slate and need to do the things I want and need to do.
My exciting weekend consisted of:
  • Having 7 friends over for a casual dinner and spending the entire time in the bathroom with a stomach bug. (extra fun)
  • Sitting on the sofa, hungry and thirsty, but afraid of solids and liquids. (super duper fun)
  • Watching the Panthers lose a football game that they should have won, while wondering if my soup would stay down. (mega fun)
  • Running down the hall to the restroom 82 times in one day. (more fun than I will tell you about. Really.)
  • Missing church (NO FUN!)
  • Missing two good days for working out (would have been fun)
Tall One is still afraid of me and hugs me with his elbows. He doesn't want to catch my fun. I don't really blame him. However, I did conquer both a sandwich and tacos today, and am starting to feel like myself again. I am inclined now to be more OCD about touching public things, since I don't actually know anyone who had the fun this week and could have given it to me. I either picked it up at CVS or Target.

Because it's been such an event-filled weekend, I'll also report that my scrolly-ball-thingie on my mouse doesn't seem to be working properly. It scrolls down but not up. (decidedly not fun)

And, I have to admit to watching "The Bachelor." It's that train wreck phenomenon. Can't. Look. Away. I am fascinated by self-centered drama girls and wierdo dating situations. This is the secret I carry. At least with my handy DVR, I can start watching it about 30 minutes in and skip commercials, which leaves more time for reading important things NOT centered around fantasy dates and swimming pools. Oy!

And those are my deep thoughts for today. I haven't any stored up, since my weekend was so dreary. We shall hope for a brighter week. And pray for healing for my scrolly ball. Now, Iris, go read the LOST blog. It's almost time!!!

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Justin said...

I've been home with what seems to be a milder version of your "fun" yesterday and today. I also don't know anyone who has had it. I feel your pain. Glad you're feeling better!