New post. New year.

Silence is golden. Or some other such justification for my not having written for a spell. Here we are facing a new year. I love the expectations, and the clean slateishness of it.
I usually map out about 10-15 resolutions. This year I won't.
I hope to do the following:
To love the Lord my God with all my heart, mind, and soul
And...to love my neighbor as myself
(an implication that I will love myself by taking care of myself...and love my neighbor too)
If I can't do those two things well, I really shouldn't attempt to do anything else--like read a bunch of classics, learn a new language, or take up knitting, etc.
The Year of Simplicity. I want to live simply and well. Reduce the noise. Reduce the clutter. Reduce distractions.
Let us love well in 2009.

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