Something of the DNA of January seeps into my blood and winds its way around until I almost must dream of some tangible thing that can be accomplished in the given year.
I am going to love well.
I am going to clear out some clutter.
Those are more ways of living than things to DO. Certainly healthy threads with which to weave my days.
But this year, I'd really like to PUBLISH. Something. Besides a blog for four people (thank you, four people!!) I have a finished young adult book (co-written by Tall One). I have ideas. It might be a story in our local yocal newsmagazine...where "news" is a flexible term and the emphasis might be on "yocal." I have no lofty goals, just a kernel of a dream. To write something that gets published or that I get paid to write.

Love. Peace. Publish. 2009
Sounds like a good idea for a tee shirt. :)

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Justin and Jessica Jones said...

I'd buy...:)
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