Smellin' Coffee

Are the antithesis of SATURDAYS. Rush, rush, rush for 10-12 hours straight. But I digress. Catching my breath on a few minutes of solitude. You know, I thought my life was interesting enough to write about on a fairly regular basis, but as it turns out...we're fairly boring! :) But keep tuning in as things could still become interesting at ANY MOMENT. Yes, any moment.
(pause for another moment) Well, it wasn't THAT moment. But it could be the next one!
Jerod is still burning up interstate 77 every day. Pray that he doesn't lose sanity in the midst of planning for five classes every week!
I'm still waiting by the phone to hear about something that I want to hear about but can't tell you about yet. (no, there's no Jones-child or anything before you go conjecturing). So, at ANY MOMENT my phone could ring. And maybe it'd be YOU and that would be equally exciting.
So there. I should quit writing while I'm still mildly entertaining.


Gretchen said...

Shelley - you can make anything you write about interesting. You know, watching paint dry, watching Nascar...just about anything! We must push forward and continue to post mildly interesting (or, wildly interesting in your case, of course) commentaries on our lives...It must be done!

Shelbur said...

Well said, and BRAVO!
Hopefully soon I'll have something VERY interesting to write about!