Cryin', Lovin' and Leavin'

I have news. Actual exciting news. I am leaving my job of EIGHT years next week (09.30 to be exact). I have accepted a position with Winthrop University here in Rock Hill.

I'm so very thrilled for the change of venue, a new challenge, and the three-mile commute! In my current job, I've seen THREE classes of students go from sixth grade to graduation...that's a lot of kids! I will miss the interaction with these loveable and fun students in the throes of finding their faith and dealing with acne all at the same time. They are near and dear to my heart...but it's just time to move forward. The pic is of the calendar I designed this year for the youth department...just a little tribute to my time there. Sigh.

So, super excited...but also feeling like the central character in a country song--hence, the title of today's blog. I'm already getting so many well-wishings from my current co-workers...it's nice to feel loved. It's made me really think about appreciating people more and encouraging them verbally. I want my legacy to be that of an encourager...not just a busy bee...something I've been thinking of more and more. Fliers, events, and projects will all pass, but people are worth a sizeable investment. So...I'm gone! And off the big WU...back to school if you will. :)

Happy Trails. And shout outs to my Central peeps.


Sara said...

As you know I'm completely thrilled for you and can't wait to hear of the exciting new challenges that await you!!

Gretchen said...

I know that the Central folks must be sad directly in proportion to how happy we are here at Winthrop to get you! (and that's pretty happy)