Orange ya glad to be alive?

Close Up of Orange Flower ca. April 1997 Posted by Picasa
My mom claims that I always have liked orange the best. And why not? It's such a lovely amalgamation of the red and the yellow. It matches and complements most every color and enhances the world at its best...and at its worst, infuriates USC Gamecock fans. My computer is currently propped upon a rusty-colored pillow, illuminated by an amber-colored lamp shade. Orange is striking, slightly unordinary, and is a even a nice flavor. Did you know that NOTHING rhymes with the word ORANGE? Hmmmmm? I am at once dismayed and ecstatic that some of the world has caught on to the graces of my highly honored color. Everywhere I go, there seem to be orange things of all shapes and sizes leaping off store shelves. Just today I had to fight an enormous urge to purchase a small orange rug at Target. I have nowhere in particular to put it, but it was on sale. (because it was orange, you say?) Don't you dare dis my color, yo! Orange is jubilant. Orange is triumphant. Orange is...life.

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Scott said...

You might not feel this way if you had grown up in Knoxville. Everything is orange: grocery stores, restaurants, houses. It's like the Emerald City's evil twin city. And what an unpleasant orange...blech.

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