I'm trying so hard, but...

...sometimes I just want to let the ugly part of my brain out of its cage. I'm moving toward a place of greater patience and fewer judgements...so I'm hoping this tiny vent will serve to blow off some steam, and will help me keep moving forward. And some of these are things I do, so I'm being all-access here.

Things that drive me crazy:
1. When people don't use blinkers
2. When people make NO ATTEMPT to recycle, even when they own a recycling bin, or their office recycles.
3. Being late (even when it's me)
4. People who don't RSVP when invited to an event that asks for an RSVP...it's not rocket science!
5. Really dirty public restrooms
6. Forgetting to tape episodes of "LOST"...it's not the same watching it online
7. When people use the Bible to support a hate agenda (notice I'm not hating them, as that would be the same thing they're doing...but they are allowed to drive me crazy)
8. Finding a coupon in my purse a day after buying the item full price
9. Melted chocolate
10. When people pick up their cell phone to tell you they don't have time to talk...let it go to voicemail!!! Call me back when you DO have time!!!
11. (you didn't think I could stop at 10, did you?) Scuffing my awesome new shoes the very first time I wear them
12. The smell of paperwhites (it's a flower that smells like kerosene)
13. Any "news" of Britney Spears right now...let's get out of her weave, I mean hair
14. Quick edits or commercials that surprise you with something really disgusting, like someone reaching his/her hand into a bloody orifice or eating a giant bug, etc. Give me some warning!!
15. Itchy tags in clothing
16. Ugly power point presentations and most templates for power point
17. ...The fact that most convenience snack foods I like seem to be carbohydrate-laden
18. Being sneezed or coughed upon
19. When people say "The number 'B' (with any letter)" or "6 a.m. in the morning"
20. Poor grammar on television, especially news and pop music (see post from a few months back)
22. When people number things and skip a number

That should about do it. I will post something lovely after this to balance the hateration.

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