Oh, I wanna dance with somebody!

There are those days that are just right. Today was one of those days. We've been avid fans of the Winthrop Eagles since our days as students on campus...but especially in the past few years as I've gone back to work there and we're in the thick of it. The Men's Basketball Team has been playing hard this year, but has had some trouble against one particular team...UNC-Asheville. Asheville has a great team, complete with the tallest player in college basketball at 7'7" and some outstanding shooters. We lost to them twice in the regular season and tied them for first place in the conference. When I say "lost," you should read "got creamed." So, when the two teams met again today for the conference championship, we were slightly hopeful, but mostly just that we would not get our hineys handed to us on a platter. The Eagles came out in fine form...the basketball seemed to magically find the net over and over, while the Bulldogs couldn't get their shoot on at all. It was all too wonderful to watch. We stood and cheered ourselves hoarse at the screen, jumping up and down...high-fiving...dancing around. It was fantastic. Yes, it's a little orange ball and a net, but a triumph for a team who lost a teammate this year and their coach. I love the Eagles, win or lose, they have lots of heart. GO EAGLES GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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