15 days 'til due date!

Oh my. It really could happen anytime now. We spent the weekend trying to get the house picked up in case of emergency dash-to-the-hospital. Everyone says don't worry about the house...but please! I can't bring baby home to a wreck! And we still have to have clean clothes, towels, and sheets...you know!?

Jerod was so sweet to tackle the nursery closet as I supervised from the glider. We got most everything out of there and appropriated. Enough to get all the big baby stuff inside the closet as well as his hanging clothes. I can't imagine that his hanging clothes will ever be as long as his dad's! Just one last box of stuff I need to find spots for in the office/guest room.

If I had one wish from a genie in a bottle right now it would be that MY closet would get magically sorted, organized, and rebuilt. Just not gonna happen before due date...such is life.

The sweet husband also installed a ceiling fan in the nursery which was on my "to do" list. He agreed that we needed one after we spent time in there sorting the closet. It was a little stuffy!

We're ready. I mean. We have stuff. Lots of stuff. Diapers, creams, toys, onesies, wipes, bags, breastfeeding stuff, books, fans, lullabies, bottles, pacifiers, humidifier, socks, mittens, hats, furniture...man! Do we have STUFF!?! I still get the cold sweats when I think about delivery, but I just keep asking God to get me through it.

Feels like we're flying in airplane strapped to a skydiver and are about to be pushed out into the vast open skies. We don't know exactly when or exactly what to do...but we have an expert "attached" to us! And lots of family and friends ready to help us land. Thanks everyone for your excitement and prayers!


Justin and Jessica Jones said...

15 days...wow...I was just telling Jerod when he was here that this was the point I was at with Madeleine when you 2 crazy kids tied the knot. :)

Hawklady said...

I'm so excited for you guys!!