It's the Final Countdown!

25 days 'til due date, kids!
I'm in a last-minute flurry of purchasing the first-aid kit, thermometer, and gripe water! My hospital bag sits half-packed on the guest-room bed. You can't really pack up everything ahead of time. I have a short list of last-minute throw-ins. Surely I'll have at least 10 minutes to grab my phone charger! And I will take way too much. It's kind of who I am. We can always put something in the car...Jerod will accuse me of moving in.
One of the things I'm anxious to see is how our notions of parenting will be tested. We have a lot of those "I'll never...do (fill-in-the-blank) with MY child..." I'm sure it will all get blown to bits. I don't even think I'm going to bother writing any of it down. I'm hopeful I can stick to my guns about not going out in public with superhero costumes on.
From what I gather in my life experience, there are no definites. Just prayers and hopes, trial and error, sleepless nights, moments of hilarity, cuddles and hugs and growth.
We are getting excited about meeting him now. Some days it feels real and some days kinda hazy. We are about to meet one of the most important people in our lives! There will be so much to learn and get to know.
I'm so blessed. I can't wait to meet the little guy. He has been very sweet in utero. I hope that just carries on through.


Anonymous said...

I can't wqit ti meet him either!!!


Justin and Jessica Jones said...

So...the superhero onesie is out of the question...come on!!!! You do end up changing a lot of those "I will nevers", and you end up being a lot more understanding of the parents whose kids are having meltdowns in public too. If you don't God will send you a special meltdown moment to humble you into changing your mind. Trust me...I know.

momfessions said...

Our first hospital stay ended up longer than we expected because of a c-section and andrew had not brought enough clothes! Also, when we had #2 (a boy), andrew got leaked on (it happens with boys) and again didn't have enough clothes! Also, the second time, I brought my own nightgowns and felt SO MUCH MORE comfortable not wearing a yucky ol' hospital gown after baby was born!

Katelynn Stein said...

I hope your last few weeks are smooth! I'm so happy for you.

Let me know if you need any help with anything (before or after delivery). I would love to come over and clean or do anything around the house to help you out. I know things are probably crazy right now and will only get crazier once the special boy comes. We're living on Lake Wylie this summer, so I'm not too far. :)

Don't hesitate to ask! It would be a blessing to me to be a blessing to you!!