Look! Over there! To the right! 7 days folks.

You know, other than the fact that it's our 11th straight day of 90+ degree temperatures, I'm feeling fine. I don't yet have that "GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME!!!!" intensity I've heard about. I am infinitely curious to MEET the baby, so in that sense, yes. Get this baby out of me 'cause I'm ready to pour out my love on him. 
I do have a "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" intensity about working right now. I'm just ready to take a breather and focus on this other whole set of responsibilities.
The brilliant news is that my doctor gave me a true "due" date yesterday. She basically said that if he's not here by early next week, we'll induce on Wednesday the 30th. I'm not a huge fan of being induced, but she feels it's best for baby and mama. So now I am grateful to have a definitive end in sight. I had nightmares about being a beached whale in the middle of July because I had made such a cozy home for the little guy in my belly.
I've told a few people...having a baby is a little weird in the sense that every other major event in your life, you plan a DATE and can count down and prepare. It's hard sitting on pins and needles as they say, with a bag half-packed and your family "on call." I mean, I could be leisurely waddling through Target and BOOM! Here he comes!
So...this time next week, we'll either have a baby or it will be baby-having-eve!


Anonymous said...

SOOOO excited!!!


Gretchen said...

So, do you want to be induced, or would you rather wee Shepard come on his own accord (before the 30th)?