Fewer Resolutions, More Living

It's no secret. I think that some kind of magic happens when the NYE ball drops. I always have. I used to write my resolution list in colorful markers and post it next to my bed. I am fairly good at keeping my resolve until at least March. Usually. But yesterday (New Years' Day), as I found myself eating nachos after church, I realized that there really isn't magic. I simply did not want a salad. I SHOULD want a salad. But as the guy stared at me, I stared at the menu board, at the lettuce, at the crispy crunchy nachos...magic lost. Waistline lost.
But, today is a new day. Every day is a new day. Minute by minute I can choose to make good decisions, for the health of me and my family. I can choose not to procrastinate with the dishes after dinner. I can choose to turn off the TV and read. I can choose salad. Or at least just eat half of the nachos. Or salad. Dang it! SALAD.
I feel like last year we were living in a tunnel, burrowing down and going comatose some. I got lazy about friendships and keeping up with people. Now that we're getting full night's sleep, though, I aim to start living again this year.
Day by day. Because His mercies are NEW every morning. Every day I get magic.
This year, I would like to:
1. Build my website. Just to learn how to do it. I own it, so I may as well finish it.
2. Paint a picture on a canvas. I have always thought there was a painter inside me. I'm sure I'm wrong, but it seems like such a freeing thing to try.
3. Write. More. Here...there? For myself and with God. God and I communicate really well journal-style. Plus, going back and reading my own words bolsters my soul and grows my faith. I see a pattern of God's faithfulness woven throughout my life.
4. Cut back. On things that I am excessive with. Moderation is healthy.
5. Be a friend. Be a good friend. I've never been so good at this, as I tend to be task-oriented and let friendships just happen to me. But knowing is half the battle.
6. Have fun. I know...it seems crazy to make a numbered list with the item "have fun" on it. But for me, numbered lists ARE FUN. And so is exploring...there are all kinds of things in our area to do. Now that Shepard is mobile and curious, we're going to find more things to do as a family and with other folks.

So, I have a list. It's numbered. But I hope that I embrace each day with these ideas. To breathe in the day that God has given me and make the most of it. Learn. Create. Communicate. Moderate. Engage. Not resolutions. Life.

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