Flashback Friday: Why you should use a light when you tinkle in the night

We all have those "hall of fame" flashbacks that we end up telling a group or that, upon remembering, makes you laugh and laugh. Why not put some down as a memoir? {I tried in my head to mash-up the words memoir and blog, but it won't work. Blogmoir and Memog don't have a good ring. I'll keep working on it while you read.}
My sweet husband has a bathroom habit that I find odd. Don't worry, I'm not about to tell you too much. I promise. It's just that he goes to the bathroom in complete dark in the middle of the night. We won't even go into the aiming part, since I can't really speak to that; but seriously, I have a phobia about there being some kind of creature in the toilet in the middle of the night. Nevermind that I've never had that happen, but I've read enough stories like THIS to force me into using some sort of  night-light, full light or flashlight when I hear the call of nature in the night. I just googled "snake in the toilet" and the pictures are too frightening to even put on the blog. It may be urban legend, but the mere idea is enough to make my blood run cold (ha).
That was quite the set-up, wasn't it?
One evening, Jerod was at his parents' home in Greenville...home from college. He was watching some late-night TV and had seen this commercial: (it's only 30 seconds)

With the penguin's "Do be do be dooooo" fresh in his mind, he determined that nature was calling and made the short trek down the hall. He had himself ready to go and sang the "do be do be do" out loud in the very-dark bathroom. When, all of a sudden, he heard the singing reply from directly in front of him, "Doo doo doo doo-dooooo."
What happened next was a flurry of long-limbs, shower curtains, door frames and hallway-spilling.
(insert fun, muffled grunts and falling noises here, and feel free to imagine my nearly 7-foot tall husband going down in a frightened heap)
Jerod's mom has the same habit of using the restroom in the dark.
She was sitting there, minding her own business, when she almost got tinkled on.
And that, my friends, is reason enough to use a light when you tinkle in the night.


chereemoore said...

that is so stinking funny! I never turn the light on either... I may need to rethink that habit :)

Iris said...

That is completely hilarious, and I can't believe I've never heard this story in person. My campus pastor tells a story about a sewer rat coming up his toilet when he was a newlywed, and I think about that just about every time I use the bathroom in the dark.

Phyllis said...

Oh my, Shelley, on this "sick day" ask I'm curled up in bed and catching up on your blog entries, the outburst of laughter incurred by this one is sure to cure what ails me!