Fashion Updates-Dressing Down

From the earliest I can remember, I have loved getting dressed. I painstakingly chose my clothing for school pictures. I always had to match. Even when I thought purple and orange were a fetching combination...(ask my mother. I'm pretty sure that happened.)
As early as fourth grade, I remember seeing trends and wanting to give them a whirl. I think that that was the year of "city shorts" (for the fashion-impaired, those are knee-length shorts one would wear with tights or knee socks in the fall or winter), argyle sweaters and penny loafers. I'm sure I was influenced by my awesome mom. She was always dressed nicely, with fabulous jewelry and shoulder pads (it was the 80's. It's ok.) I don't think I even saw her in a pair of jeans until I went to college. She was kind of a dress-up lady. And I think I am too.
I had to dress down for work today, as I'm going to be packing up some boxes and sorting and moving stuff. It took me nearly 30 minutes to find a dress down outfit I felt comfortable with. I can't just show up for work in sweats or jammie pants, so house-wear is out. My body and blue jeans have long been at odds, though we keep trying to make a truce. I understand the value of good jeans. I also understand the value of good genes, and I did not reap those in the bum department. Tennis shoes make me cringe unless I am working out in some way or chasing the child on the playground. I feel like I have big goofy clown feet.
I can get into business or business casual with top, jacket/sweater and dress pants in about five minutes. Add another minute for accessories, three if Shepard is in the room, because the drawers of shiny stuff are just too exciting...and I have to make sure he doesn't eat an earring.
Well, I'm here. I'm dressed DOWN, and I feel miserable. Dumpy even. Winthrop polo and black cargo-esque pants.
So far, so good on the no buying new clothes thing. However, with a beautiful day like today will be (sunny and a high of 73 in FEBRUARY), I know that my spring shopping fever is standing at the door, ready to beckon me. I know that last summer I wore out some of my fave summer tops. I think I had about five that I wore ALL the time. We'll see if I'm sick of them when I pull them out. Spring and Christmas are my rough patches. When the flowers come out, stores just seem to BEG me to buy stuff, putting out the pretty flowy tops, short sleeves, cute sandals for my ready-to-pop-out toes...and the holidays with the discounts, sparkles, Christmas music and the sheer exposure to all that while I shop for others.
Buckle your seatbelts, y'all. I think now through April is going to be a bumpy ride.

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