Flashback Friday: Gonna Go Back in Tiii-ime!

Cue Huey Lewis and the News.
Oh boy...how many of us wish we could have a time machine, or even a short window to hop through and make a quick visit to the past? There are a few things that I'd like to tell my 18-year-old self in the early 90's.
In no particular order: 
{and please don't tell me that you can't change the past whilst time traveling. Obviously, this is all fiction! And the Lord orders our steps, etc. etc. Yes I know.}

1. Stirrup pants are a bad idea.They make your hips look larger and your ankles look smaller. That's not a flattering silhouette. It doesn't matter how awesome they look on Kelly & Donna on 90210.
2. God will usually confirm whether or not you are "meant to be" with your current crush by having him first ASK YOU OUT. Until he does, there's really no need to practice writing your first name with his last name.
3. That one guy that you click so well with at the swing dance and coffee afterward is actually going to turn out to be gay. It doesn't matter that he went to a Christian college and you have everything in common. That will save you a lot of poem-writing and doodling time to do something more efficient like...
4. Learn Spanish. French is romantic and awesome and very handy when you're in France or need to pronounce something correctly, but learn Spanish AS WELL. Much more practical.
5. AOL chat rooms aren't nearly exciting as you will think they are.
6. Invest in Apple stock. They're going to have some pretty amazing products in the new millennium.
7. Speaking of money matters, don't buy anything on a credit card that you don't absolutely HAVE to have. Well, except that trip to France. That will be worth it. But home decor items and other "stuff" are not worth getting into debt.
8. You will get married and have a child. Do not despair. You aren't always going to be sprayed with boy repellant as you leave the house each day. But it will feel like it's happening.
9. Major in marketing or learn about something called "website design." You'll wish you did when you're in your 30's.

10. Choose the red sofa and chaise lounge every time. You are going to love them.
11. Those black chunky frankenstein shoes that you think you will die without will ruin your feet. Save your money.
12. You won't take the world by storm before you're 40 in quite the way you think you will, but you will be a faithful follower of God...and He will direct your steps. In cute non-clunky-frankenstein purchased-with-cash shoes.


Anonymous said...

Funny- I had many of the same comments.

Also, it is interesting to read as I looked up to you during that time. You were (are) the really smart beautiful Christian girl who was oh- so co-ordinated. You were not afraid to be yourself. Natale

chereemoore said...

I am loving the Flashback Friday posts Shelley! #8 would have really helped me when I was younger.