Flashback Friday: Entrepreneur Prodigy

I don't remember exactly how old I was, but I'd probably guess somewhere around 6. I also don't remember exactly what started the whole idea. Perhaps my brother's roaring success with a lemonade stand. Our house had an excellent corner location to garner dimes and quarters from thirsty passers-by. I was always trying to come up with something interesting to do, like most kids. So, my friend Jennifer and I decided we wanted to go sell something--door-to-door. (As a parent, I now freak out at the thought of my six-year-old going door-to-door. I've watched far too many Datelines.)
I'm pretty sure my mom thought we were just riding bikes around the block.
In actuality, we filled my fisher price shopping cart full of my books and set out to make a cool $10. Yes, I thought selling used books was just the thing to do. Nearly everyone bought one or two. One nice lady in a bathrobe even gave us a blue money bag from the bank--you know, the kind with the zipper on top? That's when I knew we were "downtown." All official.
I'm sure it only lasted about 20-30 minutes all told. MAN, my mom was MAD when she discovered what we had done! I guess she thought the neighbors might think I was trying to raise money because we didn't have enough? (again, we'll have to ask my mom for some clarification) I don't really know what my motivation was to have money. I don't remember having a particular attachment to it at that age. I was just trying to be resourceful and entertain myself.
That was just the beginning of a career in door-to-door sales. I soon became a girl scout and started peddling thin mints and samoas. It's kind of sad that I freak out at the thought of sending my child door-to-door at all these days. Though I did have a few Halloween horror stories involving strange neighbors. I'll save those flashbacks for October. I'll keep you posted if I make a million dollars doing anything too.

ps-I can't believe I can't find a picture of that shopping cart online. It was definitely from the 70's...yellow and red. Hmmmm. Oh well.

UPDATE: 2/27 The Mom has spoken: "When you were little, I did freak out for you to go out and about, and that is why I asked you to report in after every swing around the neighborhood. I had paid a fortune for your books and I think you sold them for 10 cents each. Oh well, you had a good experience and now you can write about it." Thanks, Mom!

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chereemoore said...

When I was 8, I started a business of making homemade cookies that I sold door to door from my little red wagon. My mom charged me a pittance for ingredients so that I would learn that you have to spend money to make money.